I’d say black, you’d say white.
I wanted sweet, you wanted sour.
I thought it was ugly, you thought it was beautiful.

I say why not now, you say let’s wait.
When I think of failure, you think we could always try again.

I’m Miss impossible, you’re Miss Remedy-it-all
I’m moody as rain, you’re cheerful as sunshine

I’m unpredictable as weather, and you… well you are a bit predictable in your inconsistencies! *wink wink*

You have a soft heart that tends to say yes to every single request made of you, and a lot of times it had been the reason why we have our petty scuffles and moments of misunderstanding. We always get past it though and thank goodness we always talk it out. Sometimes I want to keep you all to myself but I know the world needs more of a ‘you’ to make it a better place.

I pray that you continue being the big-hearted lady that you are now and keep pursuing your passion in serving the Lord. You are always blessed and I hope you keep rejoicing in that truth and may your joy in the Lord be a beacon wherever you may go. Keep shining for the Lord Shee as He blesses you with another year of solitude and fruitful relationship with Him. You are always loved.

Your forever wingwoman,
KJ ❀