Where to Stay:
The average price of lodgings in the area is 300/night. There are a lot of lodgings in the town center if you want to be in a walking distance of 3-6 minutes away from the restaurants and the market.

We stayed at a cozy inn about a 20-minute walking distance to the town center. Here’s their in-house menu. More photos HERE

Sagada, Mt. Province

What to do:
Before touring around make sure you pay the town’s imposed eco-tourist fee of php 35. You can make arrangement with your inn to pay in your stead like we did or you can go to the municipal hall to pay the fee yourself.

1. Cave connection: Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing Cave (3-4 hours depends how adventurous the group is). Bring headlamps and wear comfy shoes that have good grip (hiking shoes are great), pants that are ready to get down and dirty and eat a lot before going down there. Read more of our adventure here plus more photos 😉

  • Tour guide: php 400/each
  • Transportation: php 500/car (there were 7 of us so we split the 500 among us)

    Sagada, Mt Province
    Entrance to the Lumiang Cave

2. Kiltepan Peak: Sunrise activity More photos HERE

  • Transportation: php 500/car or you can walk. It’s around 30-45 minutes away from the town center.

3. Hanging Coffins and Echo Valley Nature Walk: It’s better to do this in the morning so that everything around you feels fresh. Also, if you opt to go down to the underground river cave and exit through the small falls then better bring headlamps and wear comfy shoes too because the stones inside the cave are very slippery and painful to step on. More of our nature walk and photos HERE

  • Tour guide: Php 1000
  • Transportation: Php 500

4. Bomod-ok Falls: If you want to have the falls all to yourselves, start walking at around 3 pm. Another advantage is the air is cool for walking. Bring water. Read how we ‘effortlessly’ climb the stairs and more photos HERE

  • Tour guide: php 500
  • Trasnportation: php 500

5. Marlboro Country: This is a sunrise activity that was recommended us but after 2 days of caving, hiking and walking, we couldn’t bring ourselves to get up on the last morning for a 45-minute hike.

Where to eat:
Food in Sagada restaurants average around php 175/meal if you’re as Filipino as I am and want your rice every meal. Here are the restaurants we tried:

  1. Sagada Brew: average of php 200
    • Highly recommended: good food, great service and the lime water was very tasty 😉
  2. Salt and Pepper: ranging from php 170 upwards on their set meals
  3. Lemon Pie House: php 150 upwards
    • The lemon pie (php45/slice) is a must try and the hot lemon tea is very delicious and refreshing!
  4. Yoghurt House: php 150 upwards
    • Food is good but service leaves something to be desired. Bring loads of patience when you come.
  5. Misty Lodge: Menu is pictured above 🙂
    • The pizza was great! Order more because I know you would anyway 😉 Service is the best!!! If I went to Sagada again, I’d choose to stay here again.Sagada, Mt Province

How to get to Sagada from Manila:
We had 2 little side-trips (Banaue and Baguio) so we had stopovers along the way. There are buses that head straight to Sagada from Manila and vice versa.

  1. MANILA-BANAUE-SAGADA: We spent around an hour in Banaue for breakfast and see the rice terraces.
    • MANILA-BANAUE: php 470 (Ohayami Bus) – about 10 hours
    • BANAUE-SAGADA: php 300 (van: easily spotted when you get down from the bus) – about 3 hours
  2. MANILA-SAGADA-MANILA: There’s actually a direct trip and I’m sure a Google search will give you the answers you seek 😉
  3. SAGADA-BAGUIO-MANILA: We had an almost 6-hour ‘layover’ in Baguio where we did a little exploring (for our stomachs) and buying more pasalubongs. We took the 8:00 pm trip to Manila.
    • SAGADA-BAGUIO: php 220 (bus) -around 6 hours
    • BAGUIO-MANILA: php 450 (Victory Liner) -around 5 to 6 hours via SCTEX

NOTE: The road to Sagada is a LONG and WINDING road and I kid you not. Arm yourselves with Bonamine or any thing that helps you on the road to make the trip more comfortable.