Wanderful Joyce

From wonder to wander— for life is full of wonderful joys!

About Me

I envy the clouds

I hoard books

I adore green

and I think cheesecake is utterly divine!

Perpetual Peregrine

I am not a riveting storyteller, a seasoned traveler nor a prolific writer.  It couldn’t get more cliché than this, but I’m just one of those random people who pop up time and again to blog about stuff.

I have an overwhelming love for books, traveling, and food. Not necessarily in that order but close!

I also love going around on medical mission trips with friends. I’m a dentist by profession but books are my passion. Don’t tell my parents but I dream of owning a bookshop more than I dream of putting up my own practice. Weird, but true.

I buy books faster than I read them, own more books than clothes, read more books than medical journals and you probably get my drift 😉 I blog about books sometimes and I have an always-up-to-date Goodreads account. It was inevitable. 



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